Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cross-Breed Beings

There are not just six types of beings in Samsara but exists cross-breeds. Actually I am not sure whether I should call it "cross-breed", or "hybrid" or "interbreed" beings. Anyway, it means you're "half of this, and half of that". These are some that I can think of. If you have any other ideas, let me know.

Any half-god, half-asura? There probably are inter-marriages in heaven too between a god and an asura. According to some believes, the Yakshas are said to be half-god, half-demon. Some Yaksha's are dharma protectors too and... of course, they appear fierce.

Hercules - said to be the result of an intimate moment between Zeus (the Greek God) and a human woman. The other son of Zeus is said to be Perseus (featured in the movie "Clash of the Titans").

Some of the Gods worshiped by the Chinese are probably in this category?

Er Lang’s dog. The Hindu god Ganesha is regarded as in the god category but what about nagas (dragon gods)? And some of the other animals found in the heavens.

According to Buddhism, King Yama is actually in the god category but he is in charge of those suffering in hell.

Is Adolf Hitler in this category? Basically humans that like to wage wars. Or, those rare kind-hearted asuras. In the anime world of InuYasha, there are fictional asuras that marry humans and produce "half-demon, half-human"s.

These are either ghosts that enjoy vast wealth and followers and terrorise on others. Or, these are the worst of the asuras who are tormented by some suffering.

Vampires and draculas? Medusa?

Those evil-looking demons that torture the hell-dwellers.

Sometimes they appear as humans and sometimes ghosts. The local Malay folks have what is called "Orang minyak", "Orang bunian" (said to be elves-like spirits), and probably some of the other local ghosts.

Werewolves. What do you call that half-man, half-horse that we read in Greek mythology? Ah...its called Centaurs. According to wikipedia, in Hindism, the Gandharvas are said to be half-spirit (god or ghost? Probably god), and half-horse or half-bird. If this is true then they are similar to the Greek centaurs. But in Buddhism, Gandharvas are in the lowest god category. They are heavenly musicians.

Probably those very tortured and tormented of humans that we see such as Africa, India and other places.

Have you not heard of cat spirit, spider spirit and other animal spirits?

These are probably those very tormented ghosts. I am not sure to out the horse-head and bull-head hell guardian in this category or Animal/Hell-being category.

Those wild animals dwelling in hell that eats and terrorise other hell-dwellers.

Now, what about aliens from other planets, if any? LOL! I wouldn't know. What do you think?

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