Friday, June 5, 2009

Saka Dawa Day

Saka Dawa Day is coming and it is just like our Wesak Day. But Tibetans do not celebrate Wesak Day. They celebrate Saka Dawa Day. We are not Tibetans, but we are Tibetan Buddhists and our teachers are Tibetans (or whatever other races) that celebrate Saka Dawa. Hence, we too join in the celebration... especially we are encouraged to do good deeds on these holy days. Many organisations take the opportunity to collect donations from their members during this time. By all means donate, but it is not wise to withhold our donation and wait for this holy day to come , then only donate. Instead, if anytime you feel like donating money to any charitable organisation or monastery, please do so whether it is holy days or not. Of course, it is good to do it on Saka Dawa day. There's no dispute on that. And I am not discouraging you from it. Anyway, I think you get what I am trying to say.

I wrote this "piece" several months ago on "where does the holiness of holy days come from?" Refer here:-

If you know the answer to that question, you'll be able to create abundance of merits everyday, every moment. In order to truely gain skies of merits, it is said that we must let go of our attachments to ourselves and to others. Like one Zen Master used to say when he was alive: ONLY DON'T KNOW. JUST DO IT! Don't think so much of the merits to be gained. If someone needs your help or money, help them if they need it immediately. There's no need to wait for holy days then only do it. What's more important is our SINCERITY.

With that message, I wish everyone a very HAPPY SAKA DAWA and may there be abundance of merit for everyone, so that we are able to end suffering and be able to constantly meet with our precious Gurus!

And I'll like to dedicate the merits that I have to one cockcroach that I may have accidentally killed today. I am not sure it's really dead, but just in case, I would like it to gain rebirth in Amitabha's Pure Land.

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