Friday, June 12, 2009

Reborn as Happy Animal or Sick Human? part 2

For those who have thought about the question in "part 1" of my previous blog few days ago, let me make it more interesting. What if, one of the choices is to be a pet dog of Lama Zopa Rinpoche or HH Karmapa or HH Sakya Trizin or whoever your lineage guru is? Would that affect the choice you have made earlier? I am sure a number of issues come to your mind, i.e. guru devotion, precious human rebirth, etc etc.

The hypothesis is that if you are to become a human, you will be so sick or physically challenged, and karmically challenged, you most likely won't get a chance to be near any guru at all...until you have exhausted your negative karma. But if you let your negative karma ripen accordingly, you could become his pet animal. You get to be with him BUT only as an animal.

There are holy objects that just by seeing, hearing, touching, etc could potentially save you from the lower realms. However, that doesnot mean your evil karma disappears. Karma cannot disappear unless you purify them. In this case, you donot have the time to purify them because you didnot know you ahve such heavy negative karma. With blessings from holy objects and prayers, yes, you can avoid from reborn in the lower realms, but you will be reborn as a human living in Sudan or born without limps, with down syndrome, etc etc.

Given this hypothesis, would you be tempted to forego the blessing by the holy objects and become an animal instead of a human? Think about it. Regard this question as if it is your own guru asking you. What would be your answer?

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