Wednesday, March 18, 2009


The myriad world systems
all appear before me
in a dream.

Then I stepped into my dream
and became a dream

“Oh, how happy I am!
How wonderful to be a dream!”

But then…

I became lost,
Lost in the illusory world,
where only fantasy exists,
where pixies, goblins, and gnomes live in,
which provides no real joy…
no real bliss.

“Oh, how disappointing!
How disheartening to be a dream!”

And I stepped out from it
for good.

Then a thought occurred to me:
That the world we’re living in -
to some a lovely enchanting sphere,
to others a hellish nightmare,
I wonder if it’s real…
or just another dream.

- written in 1987, still a kid, edited on 17.3.2009

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