Monday, March 4, 2013

Buddhist Should Pray for Sabah Issue to be Resolved Peacefully

Malaysia has been relatively peaceful so far. Nature has been good to us. we don't have volcanoes or affected by the hurricanes that some nations suffer every year. We only have floods. We don't have problematic states seeking independence and insurgents here. But the recent situation in Sabah could potentially change all that peace we have enjoyed so far. It was attacked by a group of intruders trying to claim Sabah as thier homeland. However it is foolish if anyone thinks it is just a Sabah issue and therefore only they have to worry about it. This is so wrong. It is every Malaysian's issue. It could potentially drag on and cause more lives. So it will be ashamed if I am the only person suggesting Buddhists to dedicate their prayers for peaceful resolution to the conflict in Sabah. Buddhists cannot sit down and see events unfold. The least we could do is dedicate the daily prayers we do. That is what I am doing. Nothing special, but yet I am doing something on my part for the nation. And you will notice that I said that we pray for the situation to be resolved peacefully. I did not pray for those intruders to die. As a Buddhist, I believe in compassion and forgiveness. If they surrender, I hope we will let them go back to their actual homeland, i.e. the Phillipines. I always believe in giving criminals a chance to change for the better. Only if they don't change, will the full force of karma befalls them. And how sad that will be because lives many lives may be affected. Not just them but people who defend our country. Nobody wants to die in a battle field. So lets pray hard for common sense and wisdom to prevail. Malaysia did not annexed forcefully Sabah from them like the way Kuwait was annexed by Irag last time, or like the way China attacked Tibet in 1959. I feel that if anything it is the people of Sabah who should determine the future of Sabah. And that had been done in 1962 whereby the Cobbold Commission had determined that the people of Sabah wanted to join Malaysia. Hence the issue of the Sultan of Sulu, even if they are the rightful heirs, should not arise anymore. The people of Sabah had spoken way back in 1962 and they want to be part of Malaysia. Not Sulu. Any terrotorial claim to any land that is inhabited, must take into account what is best for the people there, and not just mere geographical or historical evidences. This is my personal opinion.
I call upon every Buddhist brothers and sisters to dedicate your daily prayers for the conflict in Sabah to be resolved peacefully and the Sulu intruders to return to the Phillipines peacefully. May no further persons die in the conflict! OM MANI PADME HUM!  

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