Monday, January 28, 2013

Please Pray for William Yau

Referring to this story on William Yau Zhen Zhong, I would urge my readers to pray for him. Just click on the link here or google "William Yau" to read more stories about him.

Contrary to popular belief, people who die a tragic death normally do not rest in peace. They will be suffering. So I urget the Buddhist community of my blog to pray for him that he may be reborn in a better place and his karma be purified. Please transfer merits to him. He needs it. Let's not speculate on how he died, leave that to the police to investigate. Our job is to pray and help him cross-over to a better rebirth. If possible, to Amitabha's Pure Land. If investigations still cannot determine what happened to him, one way to help investigators find a leading clue will be to consult the Tibetan Mo. Get an expert Mo divinator to do it. This is the Buddhist way of CSI (crime scene investigation)!
William Yau
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