Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Karma, Precious Human Rebirth & Impermanence

I got a shocking news last Wednesday that an acquaintance fell from his chair yesterday and hurt his spine. That day he was in the intensive care unit! According to the nurse, he went into the operating theatre at 4pm but at about 6.25pm, he was still inside. Long surgery! I pray and hope he does not sustain life-long permanent injuries. And what's sad is that he is said to be only around 30 years old! Karma does not have a stench. You cannot smell it coming.

After 8 gruelling hours in the ops theatre, at about 12 midnight, he was wheeled out. His parents were not physically there. Do you know why? Apparently I heard he does not have any parents anymore. He only has 2 younger sisters. One is preparing to go to England to study. So, she cannot be there. Pity isn't it? Only one other sister was there. Mostly friends have to go support him. At 2am, he regained his consciousness. But his condition post-surgery is yet to be known. I keep my fingers crossed he does not become paralysed.

I heard that, except for the head, the rest of the body cannot move - the hands and legs still numb. O - dear!

Some intensive chantings were done on Friday night and when I visited him on Saturday morning, he could move a few of his left hand's fingers a little and his left leg. Amazing... considering he could not move anything at all the previous day. A Buddhist monk advised him to recite Na Mo Kuan Shih Yin Pu Sa every day for at least 20 minutes. And I also donated some money for him to do lamp lighting and wrote his name on it, at the monk's temple. His uncle donated RM100 to have his name as sponsor for printing dharma books. I went to the branch of City of Ten Thousand Buddhas here to make that donation. Then I went back again a 2nd time to bless him with an image of Master Hsuan Hua. I got a pendant with Master's image on it from that CTTB temple. I hope he improved much further. He is too young to lie on a bed for the rest of his life. His accident sends a powerful message of karma, impermanence and precious human rebirth to us all.  

Update - 16 June, 2012
Since then, he is said to have more and more movement in his hands and legs, but still far from complete recovery.

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