Sunday, June 3, 2012

Winter Does Not Become Spring

I wrote the verses below to summarise what I learned from Master Dogen (from his famous Genjikoan chapter within Shobogenzo text). It is also consistent with what I understand from Tibetan Buddhist Masters. I have some kind of awakening experience, although not satori, due to these teachings by Master Dogen. See if you experience the same thing: -

"Does spring come from winter?
  Does Buddha come from sentient being?
  Nay, winter does not become spring.
winter is a period of time, so is spring.
 When one set of conditions end, another begin.
 Just the same,
 Sentient beings do not become Buddhas.
When your conditions as sentient being ends,
The Buddha within will emerge. 
No arising... no abiding... no ceasing...."


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