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Ajahn Maha Boowa's Enlightenment

My Comment:
If there is anyone in Theravadian tradition that commands as much of the Thai Buddhists' respect as Ajahn Chah, it is Ajahn Maha Boowa, who is reputed to be an Arahant. I place my highest respect to him. I extracted some paragraph's from a book; title, publisher and copyright as detailed below. You see, even Theravadians have their own enlightened masters. I have no doubt in Ajahn Maha Boowa's accomplishments. He left the worldly life at the long age of 97 years. I have extracted these few paragraphs in the hope that this will inspire faith in people and enable us to exert more effort to achieve the same.
By the time I reached my 16th rains retreat, my meditation was progressing to the point where mindfulness and wisdom were circling around all external sensations and all internal thought processes, meticulously investigating everything without any aspect unexplored. At that level of practice, mindfulness and wisdom acted in unison, like a Wheel of Dhamma, revolving in continuous motion within the mind. I began to sense that the attainment of my goal was close at hand. I remembered my earlier vision predicting attainment in that year and accelerated my efforts.

Luangta Maha Boowa
Fortunately, the current of Dhamma that flowed through my meditation had reached an irreversible stage. By May of the next year, my meditation had arrived at a critical phase. When the decisive moment arrived, affairs of time and place ceased to be relevant. All that appeared in the mind was a splendid, natural radiance. I had reached a point where nothing else was left for me to investigate. I had already let go of everything – only that radiance remained. Except for the central point of the mind’s radiance, the whole universe had been conclusively let go.

At that time, I was examining the mind’s central point of focus. All other matters had been examined and discarded; there remained only that one point of “knowingness”. It became obvious that both satisfaction and dissatisfaction issued from that source. Brightness and dullness – those differences arose from the same origin.
Then, in one spontaneous instant, Dhamma answered the question. The Dhamma arose suddenly and unexpectedly, as though it were a voice in the heart: “Whether it is dullness or brightness, satisfaction of dissatisfaction, all such dualities are not-self.” The meaning was clear: Let everything go. All of them are not-self.
Suddenly, the mind became absolutely still. Having concluded unequivocally that everything wihtut exception is not-self, it had no room to maneuver. The mind came to rest – impassive and still. It had no interest in self or not-self, no interest in satisfaction or dissatisfaction, brightness or dullness. The mind resided at the center, neutral and placid. It appeared inattentive; but, in truth, it was fully aware. The mind was simply suspended in a still, quiescent condition.
Then, from that neutral, impassive  state of mind, the nucleus of existence – the core of the knower- suddenly separated and fell away. Having finally been stripped of all self-identity, brightness and dullness and everything else were suddenly torn asunder and destroyed once and for all.
In the moment, when the mind’s fundamental delusion flipped over and fell away, the sky appeared to come crashing down as the entire universe trembled and quaked. When all delusion separated and vanished from the mind, it seemed as if the entire world had fallen away and vanished along with it. Earth, sky – all collapsed in an instant.
On May 15th of that year, the 9-year prediction from my earlier vision was fully realised. I finally reached the island of safety in the middle of the great wide ocean.          
-      Extracted from “Samana – Luanta Maha Boowa” copyright by Bhikku Dick Silaratano, published by Forest Dhamma Books. 2011.

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