Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Daimoku has tremendous potential

Nichiren Daishonin
There are some Buddhists who regard Soka Gakkai International as a cult and President Ikeda as the cult leader. But I have this to say. No matter what you think of SGI or Ikeda, do not ever criticise the Daimoku. The Daimoku is the Japanese word for the "Nam Myoho Ren Ge Kyo", the recitation of the name of the Lotus Sutra. You may criticise the persons who recite it if they had abused the Daimoku, but remember the Daimoku is at no fault. The Daimoku is indeed part and parcel of Mahayana Buddhism and it is orthodox. Apart from hearing of some "things" about the members of SGI allegedly misusing the Daimoku for worldly gains (but I do not know how true these are), I do not know enough of SGI and Ikeda to give my opinion of them. Anyway, if you do not fancy Soka Gakkai, there are other lineages within the Nichiren tradition that you could join. Further you do not need to join any of them. Just recite the Daimoku on your own. I think anyone can recite it whether you are practising Zen or Tibetan Buddhism or Pure Land.

Personally, I have recited the Daimoku once upon a time. :) And I still have the small Gohonzon (altar of the Daimoku). Just like the Nembutsu (recitation of Amitabha Buddha's Name), I will never ever criticise or say any negative things of the Daimoku. The Daimoku contains all the spirituality and blessings of the entire Lotus Sutra. It has tremendous potential. So, recite it properly for compassionate and wise purposes, not so much for worldly or petty stuff. I enclose a video I found in youtube of the Daimoku for your blessings! Listen to it. It is so beautiful and enchanting! You can use it for meditation or chanting. I dedicate this blog post to the founder of Nichiren Buddhism - i.e. Nichiren Daishonin. This is my highest tribute to the Lotus Sutra as embodied in the Daimoku.  

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