Friday, February 3, 2012

Don't sweat over the petty stuffs!

The dharma is a personal experience and nothing that others do to you can take that dharma experience away from you. No matter what injustice that others inflict upon you, ultimately the one who has the taste of dharma is the one who has the taste of dharma. Not others. Only you ultimately decide your own future. As I kept hearing these days over the radio: "don't sweat over petty stuffs." Yes, life is too short. Very soon it will end. Very soon, some freak accident could easily end our good life we are having now. So, don't keep enjoying life till we forget to be careful to take care of our mind. Since not many people read my blog, and I am no dharma teacher, so this is more of self-reminder. I write what is in my heart, like telling myself. 

I would like to thank my protector for the quick intervention to make my journey outstation possible recently, despite some last minute hindrance/obstacle. That trip was really worth it! So much blessings! Maybe I will talk about this in another post.

In the meantime, I wrote the above yesterday evening. After I slept I dremat of Lillian Too cleaning her altar in one of her outlets. The outlet was very big, looks almost like a hall. The altar is located on a wall platform high up about 1.5 to 2 storeys and she had to climb up the platform in order to clean it. She was supposed to clean just one of the altars and the rest will be cleaned by others. She was just commencing the first cleansing, like officiating the process. She was holding a cloth and she showed how to clean the altar, which looks like the traditional Chinese altar for Thee Kong (i.e. Jade Emperor). But suddenly when she was walking, perhaps she forgot she was higher up from the ground, she suddenly mis-stepped and fell down. Lillian Too fell down 1.5 to 2 storeys high. It was horrifying. Everybody was shocked and thought the worst had happened to Lillian Too. At such a height and such impact, it was not impossible that she had died immediately upon impact. I felt shocked but did not wake up yet. In the dream, she was helped by  a few Lamas. And then, miraculously she was seen limping out with the help of others - seriously injured but still alive!

Then I woke up - still trying to coup with the after-shock.Thankfully it was only a dream. However, that dream was a reflection of what I had in my mind, i.e that freak accidents and sudden illnesses can occur at any time and any place. It can come down in a flash to us and we will be unware of it until it is too late. The dream is really a dharma lesson. No matter how much merit we think we have, or how good a Guru we have or how much we try to avoid it by implementing Feng Shui or other methods, and no matter how much dharma we know, "freak" cases can still happen to us. For example, stroke can strike anyone at anytime. Suddenly things can turn for the worst. I think this is trying to tell us to be prepared always! And just what are we preparing for? I am not so sure. Perhaps instilling the Lam Rim awareness on death, impermannce, 3 lower realms, karma, etc. This is so that we can practice with more sincerity. And do more repentances. Perhaps we need to give up our worldly career and start thinking of investing more time in attending retreats? Be thankful, be grateful always for every little blessings! We are not trying to be negative here but rather using negative thoughts to spur us to do the proper things in life! Again, life is short. Don't sweat over the petty stuffs. Does this make sense to you?

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