Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mara Nature

I was reading an email on "Maras" when it occured to me that just as all sentient beings have the Buddha nature, so do we all have the Mara nature. Of course, I think neither the sutras nor the Buddhist masters talked about "Mara nature". It might also be the first time you ever heard or seen the term "Mara nature". Just think about it, if there is Yang, there will also be Yin. If there is light, there will also be darkness. Likewise, if there is Buddha nature, there is also Mara nature. If one has the potential to be a Buddha, one has the potential to be a Mara too. Anyway, Mara need not be an external being. It could exist as our over-powering fear, greed, etc. Our misconceptions of "self" is also a type of Mara. From Mara to Buddha, we have the potential to be anything we want. We have the potential to be the next Bill Gates because we have the "Bill Gates  nature" in us. Similarly, we also have the "Adolf Hitler nature". It is only a matter of which "nature" do you want to develop. Choose wisely. 

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