Sunday, May 1, 2011

Photo and Videos of Rinpoche - April 30 2011

Lama Zopa Rinpoche in hospital, with great difficulty putting hands in mudra of prostration.
(Photograph by Ven Holly Ansett)

New videos of Rinpoche:

Note: the pics and youtubes are courtesy of FPMT.

If I were to be in that condition, I would not be able to joke as much as Rinpoche. It shows how special he is. Anyway, whatever are the objectives of manifesting this illness, I hope they are quickly accomplished and he can then stop manifesting the stroke soonest possible. Anyway, for the first time, I had a smooth recitation of the 21 Tara praises (in Tibetan language) yesterday evening. Whenever I recited in Tibetan, I had always got stuck here and there due to the words in Tibetan. But not yesterday evening. I never recited it that smooth before. So, thanks to Rinpoche, I have been able to recite it smoothly. If that was one of the objective of Rinpoche's illness ...oops...manifested illness...then he has achieved his objective. You see what I mean when we try to get sentences constructed as spiritually correct? It's only on an external level, it doesnot reflect the writer's own perception of Rinpoche. Anyway if you seriously think that Rinpoche is only manifesting the illness, it is inconsistent to then wish him to recover. Instead you need to wish that his objectives of manifesting the illness be quickly accomplished, like the way I did above.

And I have started to accumulate the Tara mantra too. It does seem my connection to the Tara mantra is unavoidable. As a kid, I once accumulated it, now I am going back to it once more. It started with the dream I had of the wrathful Tara. Once I have completed a certain number of Tara mantra, a friend dharma teacher had advised that he/she can then specialise on any of the 21 Tara mantras.

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