Sunday, February 27, 2011

Huge pig in hell

I woke up this morning with the thought of my dream still fresh in my mind. Woke up today with the dream still in my mind. I had dreamt of going to a dark scary place, and so scary I felt afraid. In the end a man I didnot recognize and another person volunteered to accompany me. Where we went I am not sure but it certainly looks like it was hell. The hell guards were all over the place. It was my second dream and 'journey' to hell. We saw a huge pig about to be burnt (or roasted?). And later chopped up. The pig was in agony and pleading for his life. I am not sure what happen but I sure felt compassion for it. In the dream I recited the great compassionate heart dharani. And slowly my mind came out of the dream. I am not sure what to make out of the dream. But realize that I need to thank the 2 protectors who appeared in my dream, at the moment I need them. A nun explaiend to me that this type of dreams (she was explaining another previous dream) are usually a result of Lam Rim contemplations. It means those parts when you think of the dreadfulness of each of the six realms are starting to manifest as results, meaning realisations of Lam Rim are coming. It means those things we learn in Lam Rim are starting to stick to the mind. I do recite the Lam Rim everyday but not sure if I do contemplate or not. Something for me to improve on.

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