Friday, December 31, 2010

My 2010 Year-end Message

On 30th Dec, I did 3 malas of Dorje Khadro. For the first time, all the wood burned properly and so did the sesame seeds. And so many of the sesame seeds cracked open and revealed its white "seed subtance" inside. It is like those white kuaci that we eat. Now I understand why they use sesame seed. The black colour outside is symbolic of our negative karma and when it cracked open, it means that it has been purified and that our fundamental nature is pure. For the first time I understood it's meaning. In the previous pujas I did, I didnot quite noticed the substance revealing itself after the cracking sound. Yesterday there were so manyof the seeds that cracked open and the seeds jumped out and revealed the white substance inside. I felt tremendously purified after that. It was good to do Dorje Khadro at the year end to purify whatever negativities accumulated during the year. So, thanks dear Dorje Khadro!

And I would also like to thank my principal protector – Vajrapani – for not giving up on me and for giving me that wake-up call from time to time. I acknowledge your blessings and I humbly repent for the wrongs I did knowingly or unknowingly.

I also would like to acknowledge and thank Kuan Kong who may have a part to play in the successful application. I had a dream of Kuan Kong on the early morning of December 10. And on the same day, later that evening, I got a note from the agency that my application had been successful. There is a statue of Kuan Kong that holds a text, instead of the traditional sword. Students pray to this type of Kuan Kong to help them in their studies. I don’t have an image of this Kuan Kong but I believe there is a huge Kuan Kong holding a text somewhere in Taiwan. I think it is in wikipedia. You can check it out. So, thank you to Kuan Kong again.

And to any other protectors, especially those that I do not know of, I thank you all too and acknowledge your role. To each and everyone of you, I humbly pay my respect! And to cap of a reasonable 2010, let us reflect on a message I heard on the radio this morning. A communication expert was invited to the radio program and a listener called in to share a problem. The expert advised him not to give and that he should follow the adage of “practice makes perfect”. But not only that, he would add that it’s also what and how you practice. Think of the advice from a spiritual context and you will agree with me that this is such a wonderful dharma advice coming from a radio! Dharma comes in inconceivable forms. When we are ready, we can spot them. If not, then it’s just another radio talk show. Reflect on this and Goodbye 2010 and Happy New Year 2011!

Even though we always say Happy New Year but sometimes the year turns out to be sad or challenging for most people. I do not want to appear pessimistic but that's the reality of samsara. We just need to prepare our mind for any eventuality. And I wish you (all my readers) all the best in this regard. I hope I have benefitted you guys in one way or another. And if I have committed any faults in any way, as far as this blog is concerned, I apologise now.


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