Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Garden of Bliss

I know a spiritual dream when I have one. This morning I woke up early and remembered what I dreamed. I had dreamed of a friend who is currently in the US. I dreamed that he was at a temple explaining something. Then he also mentioned that he had to lead a group of students to Mt. Hiei (in the dream I had the thinking this is in Japan where there is a temple associated with the tendai buddhist tradition) and another place.

But the real dream that I wanted to record here is I dreamed that I went up a dark path and went up a mountain/hill. I donot know what mountain is that but at the top I did my meditation. I dreamt I did my meditation there for quite a long period of time and my wife had to support my daily needs there. Up there in the mountain I had a glimpse of a very beautiful garden of flowers. It was so beautiful, it was out of this world. More beautiful than those at Kopan Monastery, Nepal. It was not only beautiful but there was a blissful feeling there. It made me think it was the Pure Land or something. It reminded me of the time I dreamt of certain parts of my hometown where the road was not made of tar and rocks, but lapis lazuli. Yes, I had dreamt of this dirty Earth of ours turned into Pure Land. But it happened only once. And now the garden of bliss on this mountain top... I don't know what to say.

Or, was the blissful feeling from my dream-meditation? I am not sure, but I certainly felt blissful in my dream. It was very strange and the memory of the blissful feeling is now stuck in my mind. O-dear! Attachment.


s said...

i think it is a good dream. the blissful feeling is a good sign of blessings too. Those people who interpret dreams may have other things to say but i feel this is a sign of purification of karma too.

Mahabodhiyana said...

Subsequent to that dream, on Thursday morning I woke up and remembered I had dreamt of a row of houses with large dragon wood carvings. Then in the dream I did a 3Steps,1Bow. The next day, woke up on Friday, dreamt of huge Buddha cut-out images, and one huge Budddha made of metal being placed on an altar.

I know why all these dreams. It's because the Buddha relics exhibition is in town. The other reason, it's more personal in nature.