Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hidden masters

There was a comment by someone that hidden masters are like Pacceka Buddhas - selfish and unable to help people. This is not true. You should not slight Pacceka Buddhas with such comments. Hidden masters can be any stage of attainment, they are just not known publicly. In fact most masters are hidden and there are countless ones whom we do not even suspect to be highly realised masters. This is because they appear like ordinary people, like you and me. For example, who would possibly suspect me to be a hidden master? They could be normal working people with no active role in the Buddhist circles. But in their midst of activity, they help numerous people.

For instance, why do you think HE Ling Rinpoche's visit to Malaysia could be suddenly approved? His visa could not even be approved on time for the first event, which was the Malaysia Mon Lam prayers. It was made to understand that it was only after one person who wrote to the Prime Minister and pleaded to him to intervene in the matter that the travel visa to HE Ling Rinpoche was approved. Even with letters of support from the Home Minstry and a few other high level persons could not get the travel visa, so who else could be higher than a minister? The travel visa got approved a few days after the message was sent. It was a surprise because the organisers had prepared to do without Ling Rinpoche. However nobody knew about this intervention and the person who had helped remained largely anonymous. But it was clear that he had benefitted so many beings who will benefit from Rinpoche's visit. However, one repercussion for him was that this person found out that the consequence of him helping Ling Rinpoche's travel visa to be approved was that he himself was unable to make it to the Medicine Master puja held. It was a consequence he had to accept. The thing is he had wanted to go to the puja to benefit his mother who was sick. So, in consequence it was his mother who could not receive the benefit.

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