Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tragic Incident

Referring to this news: http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2009/10/27/nation/4980240&sec=nation

I cant believe that using an acid to splash someone can be regarded as just scaring someone. Hello?? It's acid... you know?!! Not water. I feel sad because this man is definitely destined to be reborn in the boiling hot hell, where you will be cooked alive in acid or boiling oil. And he will be there for eons and eons without escape unless someone manages to use some of his material wealth and make offerings to the Buddha. However I am not sure to what extent that will help him. That's because his karma is too deep. After the suffering in the hot hells, he probably will be reborn as animal will bodily diseases for many lives, and thereafter as human with serious diseases and short life span for many lives. He is likely to face the same tragedy as that of his daughter and wife. The daughter and wife have probably committed some deep karma to suffer such a tragedy. In future lives, that man will suffer the same tragedy. It is said that karmic offences grow. From one act committed in a few seconds, he has to suffer for eons and eons in hell, another innumerable livetimes as an animal and again for many lives as a tragic human life. Isn't this sad? I say this is very very sad.

I pray that whatver goodness there is in this man will enable him to meet with a wise man who will then guide him to take refuge in the Buddha. That is the only salvation for him. And many others like him. The only hope.


s said...

i have always wondered about the possibility of the result being the cause or the cause being the result. For eg, in this case, one could also say that the wife and and his daughter may be reaping results from their past causes. Whether the man is returning a karmic debt or not is hard to say.

Mahabodhiyana said...

I did say that the wife and daughter had committed some deep karma to get this, didn't I? Based on the law of karma, nothing we suffer now is beyond causality. I am quite sure it was due to karma on their part. But that does not mean the man didnot have to suffer from his actions. One karma is interconnected to another in a complex way. It is said that the subject of karma is even mor difficult to understand than emptiness. Only Buddhas understand karma completely.