Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Evidence of Hungry Ghost

There was this TV documentary "Ghost Adventures" on the local TV channel last Thursday. It was the first time I had seen it. There were these team of paranormal researchers who went to one of Idaho's most notorious state penitentiary. That's where murderers and other ex-convicts were jailed for life or hanged to death. Towards the end of the show, the team showed us how they had attempted to capture images of the ghosts on their special TV screen using special infrared cameras. They then went to an independent Paranormal Expert to see if he thought they had captured on their camera/TV screen.

After showing the image to this expert (the man in the picture below), he said that there was this image "...with 2 shoulders, a thin, narrow neck ...that is smaller than the normal human neck.... and a odd head that has a strange shape and size..." These were more or less the words of the expert when asked by the team what he saw on the screen. The head looked smaller than our normal human head and as such, the mouth must be very tiny. This expert concluded that this was probably an image of a ghost. For me, when he mentioned "... narrow neck...", immediately I thought that they have captured an image of not just any ghost, but specifically a hungry ghost. That's the description of how a hungry ghost would look like according to Buddhism. Look at the image below and judge for yourself. Now science seems to verify what the Buddha (and all the other Buddhist masters after Him) knew all along about existence of hungry ghosts (called a preta in sanskrit) and how they look like! There are other types of ghosts, and a hungry ghost is just one type. This is a definitely woeful type of ghost. Really suffering, because you just cannot get enough food through the tiny mouth and throat. Maybe none at all!
So, we pray that all of these ghosts will be liberated and reborn in Amitabha's Pure Land!

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