Sunday, December 7, 2008

Thank you, Guru Buddha!

Dearest Guru Buddha,

I offer my sincerest heartfelt supplication to you for your long life. May You live for many many years and May Your dharma activities flourish!

I am here to thank You (representing all my Gurus past and present). I am not sure what happened that culminated in this latest miracle. Thank you for hearing my call. You certainly sent a tide of blessings.

I am happy yet worried. The next 2 years will be crucial. And I am keeping my fingers crossed that the Buddha's will will prevail despite some ill omens. Looks like I am sinking deeper into samsara , but sometimes things may turn out differently than we think. I put my trust in You, Guru Buddha!

Therefore, I pray that the Buddha qualities in me and others will quickly arise! Please also congratulate on my behalf the extraordinary candidate who managed to successfully enter the "mandala of Chenrezig" recently and met his consort. I can't wait to see the result of their union in bliss and emptiness! E MA HO! May Guru Buddha be praised!

With much humble prostrations,
Your son and student.

updated 14 Dec 2008:
Last Thursday was really a scare because my wife compliant of stomach pains and wanted to see the doctor. Thank goodness, I recited the Great Compassion Mantra (i.e. I recited the sanskrit version of the traditional chinese one commonly propagated by Mahayana masters such as the late Master Hsuan Hua). I also recited the praises to Kuan Yin, an extyract of the Lotus Sutra (Pu Men Pin). Thankfully the pain ceased after that. I pray that my prayers will always work.E MA HO! May Thousand Arms be praised!

updated 18 Dec 2008:
My wife had been having some problems with constipation and doctors could not do anything, except tell her to eat more fiber, more fruits/vege, etc. They cannot precribed any medicine because of her "certain condition" that cannot be mentioned here yet. It come to that stage where she felt hopeless and desperate and asked me to think of something to help her. She was worried her constipation may affect her "other body". I also do not know what to do but I took out my mala, that I usually use to recite a certain mantra. I dip the mala 3 times into a glass of luke warm water, and mentally think of the mantra deity for blessing, and asked her to drink it. Within one hour, she could go to the toilet. You may think maybe that was because my mala was dirty and caused diarrhea immediately. Well, if you want to think it that way, I leave it to you. Even though its only a little bit that came out from her "system", she felt a lot relieved of her tension. She have managed to put a smile back to her face, and that is what mattered, even though it is not a permanent cure. It may not work for another person, and may not work a second time. But that thing I did certainly worked the first time for that person. I am happy with that. So, even this is not a serious illness, still nonetheless she is a suffering sentient being. As Buddhists, we must be able to help in such cases to alleviate suffering where we can. We don't have to be major enlightened arhats or bodhisattvas to be able to do what I did. We only need to have some skill in our daily practice.This story is only a small example of many examples I know that actual sufferings have been relieved by using and understanding the dharma. Yes, we may not be fully enlightened Buddhas yet and cannot help in an ultimate sense but slowly, slowly we try to do what we can within our constraints.

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sorry for the late reply.

recitation of commitment mantras, refuge & bodhicitta prayers, long life prayers, praises to lama tsong khapa. if got time, then comes confessions of 35 buddha, heart sutra, praise to manjushri, foundation of good qualities.