Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Transit at Bangkok

After the Singaporeans check out from the airport on arrival at 8.40pm Thailand time on 31 Dec. 2007, we had to go to the customer service dept and wait for more than an hour and a half. Later they took us to a hotel nearby called Miracle Hometel. It's only 10 minutes away from the airport. My wife and I didnot go any other places after that as we were tired. We just watched the TV cable channels.

The long hot shower and had a nice soap and comfortable bed was a real contrast with the retreat short 2 minute showers and just-okay but cold bed. But like what Biao Yong said, we dedicated the pleasures to the Triple Jewels. For us, we had our bath and then watch CCTV and/or BBC channel, watched the countdown in China.

We then ordered supper - just one plate as it was late, to celebrate the New Year and we both shared. This is the sort of things that women seems to remember better. You see, before 2006, we used to go out on New Year's eve to have our "special dinner". We didnot have any last year because I was in India. This year my wife clearly remembered our tradition and she was the one who suggested we order a plate of American Fried Rice. It was a simple dish but good - well, every food would taste good now, especially after the retreat. Not because the food at Root was bad, but we appreciate every food better and see it as "offerings". And also, I think my wife and I are simple people, especially my wife, we don't need extravaganza to please ourselves.

The next morning , we walked to a nearby temple called Wat King Kaeo - quite big and the local Thais were going there to make their New Year offerrings to the Triple Gems. The local shops sold buckets of goods normally used daily by the monks. We bought some flowers and candles and joss-sticks to make offerings to the Buddha there. Then we walk back to the hotel. In the afternoon, we went to Central Shopping mall. Didnot buy anything as the goods were normal shopping mall prices. Not much difference than Penang prices. I was quite sick in the afternoon and had to sit and rest many times. At the airport, we ate at the foodcourt and tasted some of the local Thai dishes. Not bad.

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