Thursday, January 4, 2007

Part 2: Trip of My Life

This trip to Bodhgaya, India is a major milestone in my life. And this is for many reasons; mainly consisting of many "firsts" as below: -

1. first trip to India
2. first trip to Bodhgaya
3. first long overseas trip (excluding Singapore - which is near Malaysia and anyway, I didnot stay that long in Singapore, and also excluding Bangkok 2 years back because that was a working visit)
4. first visit to Root Institute
5. first official meditation retreat
6. first meeting with K Lama Zopa Rinpoche
7. first observation of the 8 precepts (although I am not sure I it was also my first breaking of it. You see, a small piece of food fragment that got stuck in my teeth had got out into my mouth. I swallowed it before it occurred to me that it could be eating. However, that happened during the time the precepts was being given. ??? Did 35 Buddhas confession anyway.)
8. first visit to Mahabodhi Stupa - first circumambulation and prostrations there as well
9. first physical sight of HH Karmapa
10. first Christmas and New Year celebration outside of my hometown, away from all the din and hyper craziness. For the first time, it was spent in a quiet holy surrounding, and we greeted the New Year together with K Lama Zopa Rinpoche reminding us to sacrifice a little mundane pleasure for long term happiness and importance of cutting delusions. IMO, that was the best ever New Year celebration!

Is that all? Hmmm...I thought there were more. hahah...anyway, will add in if there was any left out. Anyway, I feel very much grateful at my fortune and I just hope I did not scounder it away. Otherwise, that would be my great misfortune.

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betty said...

HI Keng
your trip i find it ;Very happy for you i can imagine the feeling you experience,at that time the tears just flowed beyond your control,they mean everything,joy,sorrows whatever budda is there to bless you, and from here i hope you are able to see life in a different view life is a short journey, lets make the world a better place.A good deed or thought done will make us feel good.what ever happens, happens for a reason- our Kamma accept it graciously!
Well Tq very much for the address in Aust. I will follow up.
I will be in Aust. for sometime .GIVE my best to EE Loon n keep posting your blog it is interesting.blessings.
frm; Aunty Betty