Saturday, December 17, 2016

A Poem on Fake Spiritual Teachers

When sentient beings make love,
it's considered sexual intercourse.
When "buddhas" "make love"
- and so it seems,
it's esoteric yoga.
That's a different thing altogether.

When sentient beings visit the brothel,
it's committing lust and resulting in negative karma.
When "buddhas" visit the brothel,
it's liberating activity.

When "buddhas" do not respond to sentient beings' prayers,
it's due to sentient being's karma.
When sentient beings do not do as advised by "buddhas",
it's not "buddhas" fault, but it's negative karma for sentient beings.

When sentient beings are unhappy with the Buddhas,
they feel angry but should not scold the Buddhas.
When "buddhas" are unhappy with sentient beings,
Wait...."buddhas" don't get angry, do they?'s also sentient being's bad karma.


it is most ideal to strive to be a Buddha,

Not to be "buddhas" - all the tulku pretenders, fake rinpoches, cult leaders everywhere,

Nor a sentient being.
But to be a truly Enlightened One!
Real Buddhas seriously liberates if there is cause to ever visit a brothel,
Unlike fake ones - merely self-indulgence!

Stay away from fake teachers!