Friday, June 5, 2015

I dreamt of a Dakini

I have been having very strange dreams lately... or, perhaps I should call it "nightmares"? They were scary dreams that I rather not talk about. But the strangest of all happened last night. I dreamed of a lady with dirty face and long, dishevelled/messy hair, looking at me and creeping towards me. Her looks are really creepy and looks like those witches of medieval times. Not those beautiful angelic kind. Then at that time, there was this verse in praise of Mother Dakini. It just made me think whether she could be a dakini? Am I in trouble? Is she trying to protect me, or harm me?

The thing that is different about this "scary" dream as compared to the previous ones I had in previous nights before is that I felt safe with this "lady-witch", whereas in previous nightmares, I woke up feeling scared. I do not remember the verses in praise of Mother Dakini, but apparently it came from a Tibetan Buddhist text.

Whether this is delusion or not, now I am digging as much as I can on dakinis. I really wasn't that much on this subject before. Thank you!

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