Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hua Tou - My Protector

These words are meant to inspire during difficult times, to provide the push when weak and to serve as reminder of what we are all capable of. Let these not be empty words.

Hua Tou - My Protector
The hot hells may burn my body into ashes,
But the hua tou shall shine even brighter.
The cold hells may crack my head open like the Utpala,
But the hua tou shall solidify even stronger.
The body may be deprived of food and water,
But the hua tou shall be all the sustenance I ever need.
So, stop there - greed, anger  and ignorance!
Stop being a hindrance to my peace.
To reach for the stars above,
I have a thousand steps to climb.
In this arduous journey,
The world can be cruel,
And people vicious.
They don't care.
But fear not -
Let the hua tou be the protector.

The hua tou - my only companion.
Never let go of it.
Laying down everything,
With a single mind, going forward.
Once at the pinnacle, to take a leap forward -
What is there?
HAK! Freedom!
Waking up from a long sleep.
Time to brush my teeth and wash my face.
Namo Prajna Paramita!

written: 22 Nov 2014. Sat. 10.30pm to 12.50pm the next day. Revised on 23/11/14, 8.30am.

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