Saturday, December 21, 2013

Reflecting the Year 2013, Thank You, Buddhas!

So fast a whole year has almost gone. Actually it has always been like that, right? Time flies in a blink of an eye. This year has been very challenging personally for me. All the stress and frustration - work related - it's been an ordeal. It's supposed to be a good year for me. Others with the same "sign" are getting promotions and elevated status - workwise. But me? I seem to be getting the exact opposite. It's foretold in the stars actually. I saw it coming, and I find that having the dharma in mind really helps in such times. I kept my composure as best I could and meditation helps keep my sanity. Despite all these, I want to thank the Buddhas and protectors for all the blessings received this year. Indeed I realise that something negative may only appear that way on the surface. But deep down, it could actually be beneficial. I have a feeling it'll be good in the end, but it won't be so fast, we'll see how things go next year. I have to think more long term, instead of short term solutions or reaction. Same as you, I am not getting any younger. Just as I planted some seeds about 20 years ago that grew today, if I don't plant the proper seeds NOW, I wouldn't enjoy the kind of "fruit tree" and "flowers" that I will need 20 years from now. Miracles don't happen suddenly without causes and conditions from our side. This is what I am convinced of. Despite it will be some what of an initial setback next year, and my work is expected to be crazy like hell, can't take holidays as and when I like anymore, but hopefully, looking at it long term, it will bring more stable prosperity (in all sense of this word, not just in terms of wealth). But we'll see this comes at what cost. Namo Amitabha! And thank you to all my dharma friends for the support and prayers - for those who had helped me in one way or another. I promise that despite my busy schedule, my connection with the dharma will never break. If I can just wake up every morning feeling that I am waking up to help all sentient beings, and add to that, keep a stable mind resting in the understanding of nature's emptiness reality, that would be all the practice that I need. Even if I die without any enlightenment, I will have no regret, having only my mind in relative and ultimate bodhicitta on daily basis. Amitabha! Amitabha! Amitabha! HAPPY NEW YEAR and MAY BUDDHA BLESS! MAY ALL HOLY GURUS LIVE LONG AND STABLE LIFE! Thank you once again to my Buddha-Protectors! _/\_

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