Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yes! Yong Vui Kong spared the death sentence!

Having written 4 separate posts on the subject, I am glad to have supported his cause. The sentence by the judge was what I had envisioned, i.e. to give mules a second chance to repent by converting the death sentence to life imprisonment as well as the caning. Let the death sentence be reserved for those drug masterminds who manufacture the addictive drugs, sell it for his own wealth and remains unrepentant.Yong just had to be able to take the caning. The Singapore concept of only letting go of pure mules, and not those who go beyond the role of mules is correct, and is in line with my philosophy and belief as written previously. I salute the judge and Singapore AG for doing the right thing. I have seen people from Singapore reading my posts and if I had contributed in even a small way to give not only Vui Kong but others like him, that would have achieved my purpose. However they must seriously repent because third chances don't come by anymore. And I cannot support a third chance anymore.


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