Sunday, June 30, 2013

Returning to the "Original Teachings" of the Buddha?

Question: Actually I am looking for any information mention about Bardo in the SUTRA. Why information of reincarnation to different realms is published openly where the information for bardo is kept as secret? Aren't they interconnect in the reincarnation process?
Answer: The way I understand it is like this. Buddhism is different from other religions. In other religions, they look into their holy books and they want to be able to quote exact words as spoken/ written. But Buddhism is about the inner experience. The words spoken/written is only an original guide. Original broad principles. But time will always evolve. There will be new things. The way people behave and think will be different too. Even though the principles of the dharma is changeless as contained in the spoken/written words, how we apply the guidance to different times and different people will depend upon our skillful means. The way dharma is applied will need to evolve too. The original wheel is probably made of rock. But today it has evolved into other types of material and more sophisticated. Is today's tyre then a counterfeit product? Of course not. But it is still based on something round made of rock founded by the cave men millions of years ago. Similarly, even though Bardo (and other tantric teachings) is taught by Guru Rinpoche or other tantric masters, neverthless these are based on the Buddha's fundamental teachings to cut greed, anger and delusion. As long as you achieve successfully in cutting greed, anger and delusion, it is a Buddha's teachings. Now, which Sutra tells us to cut greed, anger and delusion? It should not be difficult for you to find out yourself. Anything that increases greed, anger, delusion, is not, even though you can find them quoted in wonderful "Sutras". At least this is my humble opinion. My apologies if this isn't correct.

Note: My intention of giving that response was not to answer all t=of his questions. Rather I wanted to close the gap of any attempt by fundamentalist Theravadians (not referring to the person who asked the question, because I know he is not one. But there are others in the forum) to question the authenticity of the Mahayana teachings. For me, to say that only Theravada is the true teachings of the Buddha, and Mahayana teachings are fake and we have to rely solely on the scriptures existing at the time of the Buddha is as ridiculous as insisting that we drive only the type of car built by Henry Ford. The rest of the modern cars existing today, these fundamentalists would refer to as counterfeit products. Certainly ridiculous!

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