Friday, June 21, 2013

Important quotes from Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche - Pt 1

These are teachings by Sangye Nyenpa Rinpoche during an empowerment of Chig She Kun Drol (Knowing One Thing, Everything is Liberated) given in Johor Bahru in April 2010. Will add on bit by bit.

So do not waste your life anymore, do not waste time. Every year, we remain at the same level, still the same mindset, still an ordinary person, we have never changed.
The Buddha was very professional, but he skilfully taught according to our abilities. He never said that we must practise in a certain way, but gave us choices. All these choices have the same purpose. 

Deities do not truly exist, but we cannot say they are not there: There are many deities and Dharma protectors in peaceful and wrathful forms––none of them truly exists.
Though we say that they do not truly exist, we cannot say that they are not there.
The mother is very kind, always using nice words, giving sweet talk. But if the child doesn’t listen, sometimes the mother will beat the child. But this beating is not out of hate, but because of having more compassion. That is the only option that the mother has. Similarly, the ‘wrathful’ form is symbolism for greater compassion, not anger.
Are you a Dharma practitioner in your daily life? You simply say that you're a Buddhist without considering this. Even though you have ‘Buddhism’ as your identity, you lose the meaning of ‘Buddhism’, yet claim that you are a genuine Dharma practitioner. This does not make much sense.
Relatively, this deity is very special for the curing of diseases especially paralysis, and for dealing with certain harmful beings in Tibet. However, do not think that this deity is a ‘paralysis specialist’. That is a big mistake.
Sometimes receiving too much blessings spoil you. You think that there is no need to practise the Dharma, your guru will help you. You see him touching your head and you think you are fine. 

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