Sunday, April 28, 2013

Maintaining A Clear Mind During The General Election

I send this message to a group of Vajrayana Buddhists and received quite a few positive comments and likes. Unfortunately this message only reaches a limited number of people. By right this sort of message should come from Buddhist associations to advise their members. So, I can only do what I can. The rest is up to individuals. A day or two after my initial message, explosions happened during a political talk and at a political centre. That's what happens when people get too emotionally afflicted in this general election. Read on:-
As our nation prepares itself to elect a new government, we find ourselves drowned in a sea of hate messages. In this age of social media, the hate messages spread even more quickly like wild fire. It is so easy to lose ourselves in this frenzy of election campaigns. It does not help that even Buddhist practitioners and organisations participate in spreading this unhealthy culture of focusing on negativities. It is therefore, high time that someone takes on the unenviable task of urging the citizens to promote the positives, rather than negatives. The hate level may be at risk of getting out of hand as
it was reported in the papers that people even fight over a flag pole. Therefore it is so important to watch the conduct of our body, speech and especially, mind. I am also not a saint. I am also tempted to get into the frenzy of elections and lose my mind in the process. But suddenly, in recent days, I am
reminded that as a Vajrayana practitioner, I should see everyone as Buddhas. This is a Vajrayana method of practice. I am reminded that I am only choosing among Buddhas and will vote for the Buddha closest to my heart. None of them are devils. Instead of all the hate and anger, we should love more and condemn less. Emphasize more of equanimity and less cursing. If we take care of our mind, we will not find ourselves with a load of unnecessary negative karma at the end of the election. If we can practice this, then we can have our peace. This is spiritual maturity. With that reminder to myself, now I can rest in silence. Now I can try to maintain my clear mind and pure vision. Clear mind… pure vision…clear mind…. pure vision…

I leave you with a quote from His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa.

"When your attention is not on yourself, but others, then you are asking for trouble. Happiness or suffering is all within, no one except yourself can make you happy, sad, angry or emotional…" - Peace is Every Step. Quote from his facebook.

Spread love, compassion, joy and equanimity. Not hate, anger, lies and greed. I bow down to all of you – I am sorry if there is any transgression!

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