Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Liberation of the Penis: What is its true nature?

This is something just came into my mind in a flash of a moment. So I better write it down in case I may forget. If you are a man and you find it difficult to understand the concept of emptiness, hopefully you will find this blog post useful. All guys have something in common that women don't. Do you know what it is? A penis. Commonly referred to as the dick. What is the nature of a dick? Is its nature long and hard or short and soft? Representing "form" is "long and hard". Representing "emptiness" is "short and soft". So, putting it similar to the passage in the Heart Sutra,
"Form is emptiness, emptiness is form. Form is nothing but emptiness. Emptiness is nothing other than form."   
"Long and hard" penis is "short and soft" penis. "Short and soft" penis is "long and hard" penis. "Long and hard" penis is nothing but "short and soft" penis. "Short and soft" penis is nothing other than "long and hard" penis.
You probably know that both "long and hard" and "short and soft" are both part of the penis with only the conditions surrounding it that makes it either "long and hard" or "short and soft". For example, once the conditions for "long and hard" disappears, the "short and soft" appears". Once you get excited again, the conditions for "long and hard" re-appears.  Once you understand this, you have a little bit of understanding of form and emptiness. Where has your long and hard penis gone to when the short and soft one appears? In reality, it has not gone anywhere. It's right there within the short and soft dick.  Where is form? Where is emptiness? Different conditions but yet not apart from each other. Where is the Buddha Nature when you experience samsara? It is similarly right there within samsara. Only the conditions are not there for you to experience it. Where has samsara gone to when you experience the Buddha Nature? Actually samsara has not gone anywhere. Once you make a vow to re-enter samsara for the sake of all sentient beings, you will experience samsara again. As Khenchen Konchog Gyaltsen Rinpoche said - samsara and nirvana are two sides of the same hand. In our context here, I will put it as "samsara and nirvana - two conditions of the same penis". Once you have understood the conditions surrounding your body, you will no longer be bound (as in attached) by them. You will be free from the problems of attachment to long and hard penis versus short and soft penis. You will be free once you are in control of the conditions that causes them. And you should be in control because in reality we are in control of our actions, thoughts and speech. Only when we are confused, we are controlled by those conditions. And we end up being slaves to our desires. For example, you think there is something special about long and hard penis and you start to be horny. That's the problem. In the early morning when guys have an erect penis, if you just let it rest as it is and don't re-act towards the conditions that arise, they will subside soon later. So conditions come and go. Once we understand the nature of those conditions and not let it muddle our thinking or actions, we will not be controlled by these conditions. Hopefully we can be free of being slaves to ourselves. Yes, be free. Be a Master to ourselves. Not slaves. Think about it. So, we have successfully (I hope) used a somewhat unusual way to point to the dharma. My apologies if anyone find this offensive. But in reality, the dick is part of the man's anatomy and it is neither derogatory nor otherwise. It is just what it is - a penis! The Zen Master's answer to "Which is the true nature of a penis?" would be to just wag his own penis, or pee right there and then!  He is demonstration control and function of a penis. In this case, there is no need for words and speech. That is Zen.

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