Sunday, February 3, 2013

Accidents Caused by Ghosts

I was told of accidents that are caused by ghosts/spirits who might had similar tragic deaths there in the past. When a person is driving his car or motorbike, the driver could suddenly feel dizzy or his vision momentarily blurred. This is the spell cast by the ghost/spirit upon the driver, especially if the driver's karma is not that good at that moment. If this happens, an accident could occur. So it is not true that all accidents are caused by human recklessness alone. There are exceptions, whereby the accidents are caused by ghosts/spirits out to harm humans. Don't always blame it on the drivers. That is why some time ago, I decided to recite mantras to liberate those who have died along a major highway in my home state. But most people are not interested. Only one person took part. After I accumulated it, I offered it to a Rinpoche and he  recited the mantras and dedicated these to the ghosts/spirits. After that, I noted a reduction in reported tragic accidents there. Hence we must help ghosts and spirits whenever we can. By helping them, we also help ourselves indirectly. My advice is to do liberation not only for animals but for ghosts/spirits and those suffering in hells too!

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