Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dream of Dakini with Snakes

Two Saturdays ago (19th Jan 2013) I woke up with a vivid image of a strange dakini-like deity. Actually there were 2 deities but I remember the first one more clearly. These are supposedly the protectors of a certain lineage. I went to a unknown temple with a long-time dharma friend of mine (who is currently base in the USA, but is from my hometown). Apparently he is showing us (there was another mutual friend too) around. Then we saw two huge thangkas hanging on a wall/board, one on top of the other. The deity that I remember was on top. It has a yellow background. The deity wears a long flowing robes and has two or four hands. It has a fierce serious face.  He or she wears a rounded hat with many snakes crawling out of the hat. It is like a cross between Nagarjuna (who is seen in some thangkas with snakes crawling out from behind his head) and Achi Chokyi Drolma (who wears a long flowing robes and in standing position). Anyway, I put my palms together and pay my respect. I don't discount the existence of this deity because in this world there are many kinds of dakinis, gods, goddesses and various kind of spirits that we humans have never seen before. The year of the snake is coming soon. So, perhaps this dream is a blessings!   

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