Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Year-end Part 2: Where is Medicine Buddha?

Medicine Buddha
Early this morning as I reflect on a saying by Zen Master Kyong Ho,
Don’t wish for perfect health. In perfect health there is greed and wanting. So an ancient said, “Make good medicine from the suffering of sickness.”
I realise where Medicine Buddha is. I have found him. Is he far away in the eastern Pure Land? Actually Medicine Buddha lies in each and every doctor and medical specialist in this world who are treating the ill and sick of this world. They are all part of His healing activity. Therefore all those who are in the medical profession need to feel proud that they are helping the Medicine Buddha to heal the world. One day, they will help Him heal the spiritual sickness. I am grateful to all doctors in this world.

But Medicine Buddha is also present when we care for the sick and old. Yes, we, who are the rest of the people not in the medical profession. We may not be doctors, but when we take a simple plaster and apply it to someone's leg who has been bruised, then there is Medicine Buddha. When someone lies there on the hospital bed, and we cannot provide medicine, so we provide them a soothing chant of the Heart Sutra, there is the presence of Medicine Buddha. So all the caregivers in the world are included in the activity of the Medicine Buddha. It does not matter whether the service is free or not. I know many caregivers and doctors sometimes feel disheartened about their profession. They feel that it is taking too much of their time. As everyone can provide such a care without being professionally called a "caregiver", we are also manifesting the activity of the Medicine Buddha when we help a being in need. Everytime we take good care of our body by not abusing it with substances or actions, there is more chances of Medicine Buddha being with us. Remember Master Kyong Ho's advice - make good medicine from the suffering of sickness!

Here in this post, I give the glory to Medicine Buddha and his legion of assistants or agents! I would like to thank Him for a polyp-free colon. A polyp is a potential cancer in the long term if not removed. A lot of people don't go and check until it is too late. I know I did my prostrations regularly and that probably helped in some ways. I did those as repentance for my negative actions done. I have also reduce my meat intake by about half, as a form of repentance and respect for another sentient being. So I firmly believe that true repentance does eliminate potential sicknesses that we would otherwise have to suffer. But when it is not eliminated, I will try remember Master Kyong Ho's advice. Tatyatha Om Benkhaze Benkhaze Maha Benkhaze Benkhaze Radza Samughate Svaha!   

As I usher in 2013 and see how the joy and fun that people have, my thoughts go to those people who are lonely, sick, dying, or have died or gone over to the bardo.  I pray strongly that the Buddhas guide and bless all these sentient beings. May all sentient beings be blessed with the fortune to meet a true guru and practice the true dharma! Namo Amitabha Buddha!

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