Monday, December 24, 2012

Does Buddhist say "rest in peace"?

Many people often say "rest in peace" ("RIP") when wishing someone who had died. It occurs to me that it is actually a quote with Christian origins, particularly Catholic (refer to Wikipedia). But most Christians believe that when a person dies, he just "rest" until he (and everyone else) is re-surrected by the 2nd coming of Christ. I believe there are other versions by other Churches within Christianity. But basically I try not to wish anyone using that term anymore (unless I forget). In Buddhism we do not rest in eternity or wait to be re-surrected by anyone. We continue into the next rebirth. Hence, as a Buddhist, it is more appropriate that we wish that the deceased will be reborn in the Buddha's Pure Land or reborn as a perfect human again or just a happy rebirth.
But it is just a small thing. It is not a big thing even if you say it because you are used to saying it. But I just want to clarify.

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