Thursday, December 20, 2012

Anti-blessings and The Environment

We crave and seek blessings from God, Buddha, Allah, gods, spirits, or whoever/whatever we pray to. But yet we create anti-blessings big time. We don't realise it but we create so much anti-blessings, that the blessings from our "God" does not reach us.  What is anti-blessing? The below are the causes of anti-blessings. I am sure you can add to the list: -
1. jealousy
2. anger/hate
3. greed
4. lust
5. lies
6. stealing from others
7. boastfulness
8. animals/humans we have killed directly/indirectly
9.indulging in things /actions/ food/beverage that make our mind deluded/blurry  
10. selfishness
and much, much more. Basically all these come from our ego. It is the primary source for all of our anti-blessings. Our false pride is creating the anti-blessings.If we can just reduce the anti-blessings we create daily, blessings will come pouring like rain...irrespective of whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist or others. Do you agree? Also, if we can take care of our inner environment, the outer environment will naturally be able to take care of itself. But nowadays, we try to reduce on use of plastic bags, reduce styrofoam, and do all sorts of actions to protect the environment and our health. I know people who are supposedly cautious of their health and environment, afraid that the plastic may melt on their food, but you can see these same persons smoking away like chimneys. I just don't understand these persons. I see so much contradiction in their behaviour and thinking. We often neglect our inner environment. For example, we don't think we need to look at our own behaviour and how it affects others. If we can be better inwardly, our outer environment will be naturally better. How is that so? It is because the outer environment is a reflection of the inner environment.

I hope you can think about this.

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