Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Afterlife - A Doctor Sees Heaven

Referring to this news link:-

I feel that it is a pity that people usually only can see heaven or hell only when they are in a state of coma or on the verge of death. Then when they wake up, by medical or non-medical reasons, he/she will attribute it to the glory of God's miracle. He/she will then proclaim it to the whole world and say that it is prove of Jesus' or God's Greatness. Not writing this with the intention of taking away anyone's faith in other religions, but the truth is anyone can actually see heaven and hell after they have practice their meditation for some time and achieved what the Buddhists called "samadhi". To the Buddhists, these seeing of Heavens and Hells are really nothing special. We already know these things or external "realms" do exist. People who thinks that only what we can see with our human eyes are real, are really mistaken. Ghosts, for example, cannot be seen by the normal human eyes but by using special scientific equipment, there are documentaries and TV shows that have shown that these equipments are able to capture images of these "ghosts". 

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