Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Being Too Stuck-Up with LBGTness & Non-LBGTness

I believe that in Buddhism, no particular group is an enemy of Buddhism. Buddhism is a religion that embraces everybody, in the sense that everyone has the potential to be free of suffering and achieve Enlightenment. In that way, we do not exclude anybody, but that also means WE have to work OUR way to Enlightenment. It means getting rid of UNDESIRABLE elements, inculcate DESIRABLE elements, and to PURIFY our mind from getting STUCK-UP with identifying with our LBGTness or non-LBGTness! What is desirable brings you nearer to liberation. What is not desirable takes you further away. So, it is really very simple. For Buddhism, we are not so worried about pluralism because we believe there are thousands of dharma doors to liberate people. I must say this, not every religion is a dharma door. Indeed, perhaps even the major religions could possibly be a non-dharma door, i.e. created by misleading religious founders or cult leaders. But it is okay. It only takes a longer time before they eventually goes back to the true path. This, I firmly believe. So, we do not need to be so stuck-up with the idea that so-and-so is an enemy of Buddhists, or so-and-so is such a "satanic" or "evil" group. We only do what is possible within our means. We don't go and create trouble for others when it is not the right time for them to return to the true path. We must have the ability to see if their karma is ripe or not first to learn from us. Only the Buddhas and great Bodhisattvas/Arhats have this sort of ability. So, trust that they are doing their job. Pray to them that they do their job. And then cultivate yourself! Liberate yourself so that you can have this sort of ability too! And you cannot liberate yourself unless you find yourself on a spiritual path. Secularism does not liberate anyone. So, that is the only problem with "secularism" or "liberalism" (I am assuming here that both terms means the same thing). But "liberalism" could also mean "pluralism" (meaning, believing in all religions or that the Gods in all religions are referring to the same one God, or variants of this) in which case I have addressed the issue above. Amen!


Note: I do not wish to comment on what other people say and I also do not comment on other religions or imply on them by what I am writing here. I am only commenting on Buddhism here.

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