Sunday, July 29, 2012

A Story on Peacock Queen

According to 2011 China Production's Journey to the West, millions of aeons ago, the Buddha told Monkey (Sun Wu Kong) that the Phoenix were the rulers of the sky (pretosaurs?) and the elephant the rulers of the earth (mammoth?). Then out of the Phoenix, he giant bird, Garuda and the Peacock, Mahamayura was born. The Peacock and Garuda were cousins. At first, Mahamayura was an evil creature and even ate the Buddha in his past life, when he was a Bodhisattva at that time. In the Peacock's stomach, he slit open the Peacock's back and wanted to kill it but the Buddhas at that time, advised him that every being has a right to life. In other words, he was advised that we must not kill even our enemies. We must exercise compassion and try to turn him over, and not revenge. And so, the Peacock was given to a Bodhisattva as his ride and henceforth, the Bodhisattva was known as Queen Mahamayura (Peacock Queen). Queen Mahamayura managed to tame the Peacock and hence the Peacock had been transformed from an evil creature to a good one many aeons ago. I personally have experienced the healing powers of Queen Mahamayura, and I do not doubt it. I do not know where the director of the chinese drama got the story from, but I am merely relating what I saw from the 2011 produced Journey to the West. 

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