Saturday, April 14, 2012

Healing with Maha Mayuri & Heart Sutra

I would like to share one story with you. Real story. A family member was sick. She was coughing non-stop and unable to get rid of the phelgm despite taking western and eastern medicine. She was coughing badly, at night it gets worse and everybody unable to sleep well because of the coughing. So I decided to use the Maha Mayuri feather I have to help her. I recited the Heart Sutra and added several other verses of my own together with the Mahamayuri mantra and use the feather to touch her throat region. And guess what? She (and everybody else) slept well for the rest of the night. Even though she did not recover immediately after that, she got better and better after that and eventually recovered fully. I really think it was due to the blessings of the Heart Sutra and Mahamayuri.      


nayanayoga said...

The name mahamayuri came to me in a semi dream state a week ago where I saw myself in Tibet in a previous encarnation. I feel a deep connection and want to use the mantra you mentioned ... please can you share?

Mahabodhiyana said...

The mantra - Om Mayura Krante Svaha.