Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Still fooling around

One day is over, and another day has come. Very soon all the days in our short life as humans will be over. Still we are fooling around with things that are ultimately unimportant. That is why I don't strive hard to be high corporate flyers such as CEOs, or become millionaires. I used to think that I should become financially independent before I can really practice. But some years ago, I realise that this concept is not true at all. There is only managing one's finances properly and ensuring it is enough for the rest of our lives! Anything more than this is a blessing. We should put more focus on character building as a foundation for our spiritual development. Some people may wonder why it is so hard to be a saint. Actually the hardest part for most of us is to how to be a proper human being. We cannot even be a proper human being, and we want to be a saint? Fat hope, right? But many people cannot accept this fact. There is no self-reflection, and self-examination. These are just my own notes as it comes to my mind. I write it down, so that I won't forget it.

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