Saturday, March 3, 2012

"Ghost Adventures": Not All Ghosts Are Evil

I refer to the local TV series “Seekers” and the American “Ghost Adventures”. In these TV series, they show so-called “ghost hunters” trying to seek and detect ghosts or so-called “ghosts” (because some paranormal activities may not actually be due to presence of ghosts) in haunted places. Once they have detected such “ghosts”, they harassed and disturbed these ghosts in many ways. They treat these ghosts as if all of them are evil and are all demons. After disturbing and calling out these ghosts, and if any of the humans get possessed, they will use various religious chants to get rid of these ghosts. I have seen episodes in “Ghost Adventures” where the humans involved dared the ghosts and show their bravado saying things like, “I am not scared of you, show yourself”. It shows their silliness because it is not that ghosts do not want to let you see them, rather it is because you are limited by your own human eyesight. Human eyesight can only see objects up to the 3rd dimension. Ordinary eyes cannot see objects in other dimensions. Therefore, it is equally silly to not believe things do exist beyond the 3 dimensional boundaries. An example of such silly conceptions is disbelieving in the existence of ghosts and spirits. Similar to humans, I would also like to say that not all ghosts are evil.

Anyway I think that people should leave ghosts and spirits alone if they did not disturb them. And if they do, try to help the ghosts, not exterminate them. Try to help ghosts in sorrow. They are the ones that normally haunt people and places. Other religions may regard these beings as evil, and usually exterminate them by exorcism. But Buddhism is different. We help them gain better rebirth or at least out of their present predicament by transferring merits to them. We offer them food and drinks and smokes. Yes, smokes – ghosts are said to thrive on smokes and fragrances. It is particularly liberating if combined with mantras and scriptures in prayer sessions (or “puja”). So, I am not happy that ordinary scientists and other humans, who do not know about the predicament of these beings, try “experimenting” with ghosts. They end up harassing these unseen beings and often making the situation worse in many cases. Humans should not try to capture or meddle with ghosts and spirits in anyway. If they do not harm anyone, leave them alone. And if they do, try to understand why they do that and help solve it if you can. If not, leave it to the real experts, such as good Buddhist masters. Otherwise, stay away! Whenever I see these types of TV programmes, and seeing what they do on screen, I shake my head. May All Ghosts and Spirits be Liberating and Not be Tormented! May They Gain Rebirth in Amitabha Pure Land!


Note: The "Movie" label includes TV series.


John said...

I agree, every time I see some report on tv about ghosts it makes me feel sad because of their condition. It's great suffering. Though I'm not buddhist(hinayana or mahayana) I propitiate to hungry ghosts in my room by giving them some rice and water. I hope it helps

Mahabodhiyana said...

Thank you for the things you are doing to help these ghosts. Very good indeed. It is not as important being a Buddhist in religion, as it is in our actions. I hope you will continue wiuth what you do. I salute you.

John said...

Sure, I'm looking for some small plastic cups to upgrade the water offering to seven water offerings... but maybe omitting the scented offering for awhile.

I can understand how ghosts especially hungry ghosts suffer, to crave and yet be not satisfied, it's really very sad.