Saturday, February 25, 2012

Japanese vs Korean Zen Meal Style

For a comparison with Korean style, which uses 4 bowls, see this video below.

I have a slight idea of what they are experiencing there while having meal because I have been to their kind of retreat, although I would say our meal discipline was not that strict... well, what do you expect from retreatants like me... LOL! But I offer no excuse not to be able to do it in their kind of environment. I thought it is most compassionate of them to offer the leftover water to the hungry ghost... especially to think that even a small speck of sesame seed will choke them. It was said that there was a Korean Zen Master who would make all the monks drink the entire pail of water should he see even one sesame seed floating on it. Next time, we should try to leave as little as possible of food on our plate at the end of a meal. Let's not be wasteful.

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