Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Jade Buddha of Universal Peace in Singapore

The Jade Buddha of Universal Peace
I finally did get to see the Jade Buddha, thanks to FPMT ABC for inviting it and arranging the exhibition at the Ngee Ann Civic Plaza in Singapore recently. When I first knew about it, I knew that it was probably my only chance to see it, save if I go to Australia. Hence I arranged my flight and accommodation, but there was no flight to Singapore (due to the Chinese New Year holidays). So I had to book a coach which charged a ridiculous hiked-up price of RM120.00. Last year about the same time, it was only RM70 or RM80 only. And you know what was worst? I nearly never made it to see the Jade Buddha! The bus company called me an hour before the scheduled trip to inform me the bus broke down or something. I believed this was a lie. There was probably no bus to begin with. I told them I don’t care, and that they need to find for me an alternative. They say there is an alternative the next day. But I did not want to go the next day. My trip was booked to go that very night, not the next day. I insisted that I travelled that very night. I tried on my own to call other bus companies such as Aeroline, Plusliner and Grassland Express but their scheduled trip was over for the day. Feeling hopeless and that maybe I had no karma to see the Jade Buddha, my thoughts flew to my protectors. After one hour or more, the bus company called me to say that they have found an alternative bus, i.e. to KL and then change to another bus that will take me to Singapore. Yippee! But I thank the protectors again for enabling me to have another alternative bus that took me to Larkin station in Johor instead of to KL and then change to another one. I will never take that bus again. After this experience, I don’t trust them anymore. If not for the fully booked Konsortium Bus that I normally take, I would not have bought the bus ticket from that company.

Anyway I arrived in Singapore, checked in at the hotel first and then took the MRT to Orchard Road for the exhibition. It was held inside a huge white tent just at the open foyer of Ngee Ann Civic Plaza. I think that is cheaper than having it inside a hall or something. Anyway I believed the venue was sponsored. Also having it at the busy shopping district for Singapore definitely was a right choice since people could come in and drop by – even out of curiosity. So, a plus point for FPMT ABC.

The Jade Buddha was huge and sat on a white throne made for it, although it was not the throne that was supposed to be carved with the names of all the carving benefactors as promised. I felt a little disappointed but it was okay. I am not sure if they will fulfil the promise of having the carved names on the throne or not. Anyway, I met Lillian Too, his husband and Juanita Lee there. FPMT ABC’s president, Tan Hup Cheng escorted and showed them around. As I am not really any VIP, nobody escorted or showed me around. Hehehe…  Never mind, I prefer my freedom and obscurity! Other than the Jade Buddha, there are the 21 Taras and Dzambala statues for visitors to make offerings. Visitors can also view the Chenrezig sand mandala constructed by lamas especially invited for it. But I especially loved to see the many beautiful and exquisite relics left by the late Khensur Lama Lhundrup of Kopan Monastery. There is no doubt of the purity of his mind. Such blessings derived just to see the relics.  

Khensur Lama Lhundrup's relics
Before I left the place, I was blessed by the relics which the lama placed on my head. And I even meditated right there inside the busy exhibition. Yes, did my walking and sitting meditation. The sitting meditation was especially memorable because during the meditation, I could sense people coming near me even though I did not open my eyes to see them. There was a lot of peace felt in that meditation session. If you were there and did not meditate, you have missed such a wonderful opportunity to experience what it was like. Even a 5 minutes concentrated meditation would have been good. Thanks to Jade Buddha and overall, I am glad I went. I am posting a few pictures I took from that exhibition. The pictures belong to me. You can click to enlarge.

For more pictures, go to FPMT ABC's website - http://fpmtabc.org/jadebuddha/mediaphoto.php

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