Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Mo divination was accurate

Today I checked a Tibetan Mo divination for a relative who went to the hospital to take her biopsy test results. She has had some 14 polyps removed from her colon. And she feared the worst. And I was worried too. The Mo divination showed positive results and indicated a successful sign. Just to be sure, I changed the question slightly and asked about her health in a more general way. It gave a different answer. It was negative, something like there is still need to take caution for in the long term the health may not be so good. I did not understand the divination and not sure which to believe. Was it going to be good or bad? In the evening, after talking to the relative, then only I understood the answer given by the Mo divination. The relative confirmed the positive news that there was no cancer. However, she needed to take precaution on her lower stomach area because that area is still very vulnerable. Hence, both Mo divination on the two different questions turn out to be correct.

I am happy for my relative. At least in the short term, she is going to be fine. It is a cause for celebration. And indeed I was thinking of telling her that tomorrow is the day the Buddha descended from Trayatimsa Heaven after having gone there to preach to his late mother, who had been reborn in heaven. Refer my blog post on Nov. 18th, 2008 for details of this holy event. And that my relative should be a vegetarian to celebrate her temporarily cancer-free status. For throughout the duration, from 10th to 17th November, to honour this holy occasion, I remained meatless, and will be so tomorrow.   

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