Saturday, November 5, 2011

Gayness is not the issue, attachment is!

Referring to this news which is the hot topic now in Malaysia, and the other news of certain opposition to the Elton John concert to be held in Malaysia just because of his gayness (refer news links below), I think it is silliness for certain segments of the Malaysian community to be so strongly anti-gay/lesbian. I have written before on this issue (refer blog on Aug. 16th, 2011) and it is clearly very possible for a gay or lesbian to be free from attachment despite their external sexual orientation/appearance. It is no longer a hindrance to such people. And one clear example is the woman (who lives with another woman, but have 2 daughters on her earlier marriage) who is said to be in a same-sex relationship for many years but is a Zen Master in her own right. She is Zen Master Soeng Hyang. Refer her bio in wikipedia. She is now the school teacher of Kwan Um School of Zen, founded by Zen Master Seung Sahn.
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And you can refer to this link for some of her dharma talks. Listen to them and you can then decide whether she lives up to her title as a Zen Master.... Or, whether you think she has as much attachment as you and me.
Check "the mustard seed":

So, please stop marginalising people due to their external sexual appearance and stop discriminating against them! Remember: the message "Love is okay, attachment is not" applies to both the homosexual as well as the heterosexual groups. Even I say this, that does not mean I support that group. As I mentioned in a previous blog, I think that there is no need for any parade or street protest or anything like that. I am not sure how to explain until I came across something Neil Patrick Harris said recently. He said that gays and lesbians and be gays and lesbians without having to make any statements. In other words, you do not need to make your gender preference stick out in the public like a sour thumb. Put in another way, there is no need to wear a shirt with large words printed on it "I AM GAY". That's making undue attention to the LGBT group.

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