Saturday, October 22, 2011

What is Your Mantra?

This is a poem I wrote dedicated especially to Zen Master Seung Sahn for the blessings and compassion he showed me years ago and still do even though he has gone beyond into our "Don't know mind". Besides telling of my re-connection with the Korean Zen group, it also tells us that traditions are harmonious when our mind is in harmony. Initially I do not understand it too, but now a little understanding emerges. When our mind is not in harmony, everything else is not in harmony. And I feel so blessed. As in all other mantra,  it is not meant to be mouthed alone. If you regard it as a koan, it falls short of the real intention. The mantra below is meant to convey a message, and not meant to be recited. Mantras are meant to be lived, i.e. living mantra. As Master Seung Sahn said many times, "Keep the don't know mind. Just do it and save all sentient beings from suffering." Thank you so much! The poem is presented in a style that is both Tibetan as well as Zen Buddhism. Most of the words used have been chosen with care because there is a meaning to them. I'll explain in due time. Meanwhile, enjoy it.

What is your mantra?

E Ma Ho!
With seeds planted many years ago,
Perhaps even longer,
From beyond the grave,
the leafy trees at Hwa Gye Sa finally grows in Hoeh Beng Shi
Crossing space,
Traversing time,
Now providing shade to this wretched mind.
Who could believe such wondrous miracle?
Such deep compassion!
Now spring time is here, the air is fresh.
The old fox beckons from far away.
I put my palms together in gratitude to my teachers.
Bodhidharma chats happily with Padmasambhava,
Shinran sits here watching in Sukhavati.
And Sakyamuni Buddha holds a flower.

Dogs’ mantra is “Wow- wow”.
Cats’ mantra is “Meow-meow”.
What is your mantra?

Om Only Don’t Know Svaha!
Om Only Don’t Know Svaha!
Om Only Don’t Know Svaha!

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