Saturday, October 15, 2011

Anita Mui's rendition of The Heart Sutra

I like this cantonese version by the late songstress and actress of Hong Kong. Her sultry and husky voice adds to its uniqueness, especially the last part when she sang the mantra. I thought I like Faye Wong's mandarin version but when I heard this version, I thought this version twiched my heart a little. Is there a version in English sang by a Buddhist Western singer? Won't that be astounding? Anyway, I pray by the merit of singing this song Anita Mui would have had a good rebirth. Enjoy even if you do not understand cantonese! Just listen to the melody.

Here are other versions I find interesting: -

1. Pop version in Japanese (quite comical too, anime version):
2. Rock version in Japanese (by the same person):
3. Said to be samba version(?), for me it sounds like Jazz version:
4. A cute Scottish remix version (probably the same person responsible - Miku Hatsune - for all the above is also responsible for this):
There are also the Indian remix, Techno, and other kinds musical versions, probably done by the same person, but I can't be sure about it. Seems like a very creative way of spreading a Buddhist Sutra. Just hope that it is used in the proper way.
5. Chant Version in English by a Western Zen monk (he really chant it!):
6. Chant version in Korean (I like the melody in Korean):
7. Chant version in Tibetan:
8. Faye Wong's version for you to compare (her voice is so sweet):
9. Imee Ooi's sanskrit version:
10. Imee Ooi's mandarin rendition:
11. Another Chinese singer's version, Chyi:
12. A Tibetan version sang by Yangjin Luma, indeed she has voice of heaven (listen for yourself):
13. A non-anime version by a Japanese rock band:
14. A chant version in sanskrit by a layman:
15. A beautiful mix between traditional Korean chanting and music using a flute by a talented Korean musician:
16. Another cantonese rendition, slightly faster with a canto-pop beat thrown in by the Hong Kong pop sensation, Eason Chan:

Since today is the Bodhisattva of Compassion Kuan Yin's holy day according to the Buddhist lunar calendar, I thought sharing all these different renditions of the Heart Sutra and various chant versions in one blog post would be good to spread the positive vibe generated by such a core Mahayana Sutra. I pray that by this action, and may you by hearing them, may all sentient beings be liberated soonest and achieve the Unsurpassed, Complete and Perfect Enlightenment. I hope you guys like this post. :)  

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