Sunday, September 25, 2011


Someone wrote in an email, that :

What is faith exactly? The Abhidharmakosha tells us:

"Faith is full confidence in the law of karma, cause and effect, in the Four Noble Truths and in the Three Jewels. It is also aspiration for spiritual attainment, and a clear-minded appreciation of the truth."

There is another type of faith that is a combination of traditional faith, wisdom and awakening. It is called SHINJIN in Shin Buddhism. In order to have SHINJIN, we need to let go of our petty little ego and submerge ourselves in Amitabha's Vows of benefitting all beings.  When there is SHINJIN, Sukhavati is not somewhere else. It is right here and now. I share with you a poem on SHINJIN:-

Amida is truly amazing,
By His blessings,
I perform Amida's work.
In turn, Amida performs my work.
Amida and I -
Different and yet not different.
No Amida,
No I,
There is only Shinjin.
Namu Amida Butsu.

Take care, keep a clear mind always and save all sentient beings!

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