Saturday, September 17, 2011

Do Your Ngondros Properly!

Just an an encouragement to others to do their ngondros (preliminaries) properly, I am sharing with you events that occurred everytime I achieved a milestone in doing the ngondros. But I will not disclose what are my ngondros or what are the milestones. Noways people do not place that much importance on ngondros anymore. Their mind is focused on receiving the Highest Yoga Tantra ("HYT") but no desire at all on doing any ngondros. Or, they think they can do ngondros and HYT at the same time. Call me old-fashioned but as far as I know traditionally ngondros should precede HYT. Anyway, these are things that occurred along the way (in point form).

– got practice advice

– Get to go to receive a Great Initiation.

– Dreamt of red-faced Vajrapani protector (Ni-o in Japanese). Bought the statue from online. Customs released the statue without tax.

– received teachings on short Guru Yoga meditation. Did not know there would be a teaching on this, it was a surprise. Originally went there just to visit him.

– dreamt of wrathful Green Tara, re-discover book on Tara, received teachings on 21 Taras and their mantras, and suggestion to do 100k GT mantra. Later completed 100k of GT mantra in 2011.

– got to buy a Rinpoche’s book on meditation. One of only 2 books there. The rest had to order. I feel this book will be instrumental in my meditation practice. True enough the opportunity presented itself when I had the chance to do a retreat. The retreat turns out to be a significant spiritual milestone for me.

So, please do your ngondros properly!

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